In this article we'll cover:

  • Billing Setup
  • Sending a Blast
  • Sending a Postcard in a Sequence
  • Editing & Designing your Postcard

If you prefer video, we have a 10 minute video using the Postcard Editor

Make sure your billing is setup Correctly

Click on the Settings icon on the top right and select Billing

When you get to this page enter your credit information. Set-up auto-refill on your credits. From this page you can also manage pending postcards if you run out of funds.

Send a Blast

From the Accounts screen you can send a blast.

Use a Postcard in a Sequence

From a Sequence view you can hit this icon to add your postcard

Working with the Postcard Designer

Overlay Component

The Overlay component is a flexible tool that let's you change the color of your postcard or use a background element to make text visible in front of an image.

You can manipulate the color, opacity and round the corners.

Image Component

The image component let's you grab images from your existing library, select images from our public library or upload new images.

To keep images looking sharp when they are printed we require high resolution images. If you are unable to size your image any larger it is because the image is not high enough quality. Upload a higher resolution image. This is to protect you from sending grainy or poor quality graphics.

Text Component

The text component is exactly what it sounds like. You have a few options here.

Merge fields

Be careful when using merge fields. It may cause your layout to change. Also test all merge fields to make sure the data is formatted in a way you like.

After choosing a merge field the token is rendered inside the Postcard

Previewing Postcards

Select the Preview Icon on the top right.

Preview the Postcard with different data by switching which customer to preview with.

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