Hawksoft Sync Error "Unable to Find Hawksoft CMS"

This error comes up when Hawksoft is not found by our application.

There are two situations to cover so please refer to the one that applies to your installation.

Hawksoft Cloud & Hawksoft Anywhere

You are receiving this message because you have installed and loaded Hawksoft Sync App on your desktop computer. However, our application needs to be installed on the same "computer" as Hawksoft. 

Cloud and HSA may feel like they are on your computer, but truly the application is running on a computer on the Internet and sharing the graphics with you.

To resolve this, open your Accounts > Manage List > Setup > and view the Notification Setup screen and follow the directions for Hawksoft Cloud.

Self-Hosted Hawksoft

If you have a local server and a local copy of Hawksoft running, you can run the desktop version. If you are still getting this error in this case, please verify that Hawksoft can be opened on your computer. If it can, start by contacting Hawksoft for assistance. They will loop us in if there is an issue we need to fix here.