Create a Twilio Account

Sign-up for Twilio if you don't already have a number. Your account is free and the text messaging fees are minimal (see below for more information.) If you already have a number jump to Enter Settings in Fuse.

Create A Number

First, click on the "All Products & Services" button in the left menu. (See below.) 

Choose "Numbers"

You'll see a screen like this, then select Get Started and choose "Get Your First Number"

Follow the process to choose your number. Once you have completed this and the billing information with Twilio you can enter these settings in Fuse.

Enter Settings in Fuse

In a new browser window, open your Fuse app, go to Settings (top right gear icon) then choose Text Messaging.

Head back to Twilio and return to the Number panel. Click on show API Credentials and copy the values here to Fuse.

Once you hit save on the Agency Revolution page you will be all set.

Before you finish please setup your billing in Twilio. See below.

Setup Billing and Auto-recharge

Text messaging with Twilio is inexpensive. But if you run out of credits your messages will not be sent and cannot be sent retroactively. To avoid this, please set up auto-refill on your account.

To do this, go to your Billing settings and configure the auto-recharge option. For more information check Twilio's documentation.

Expected Fees

At time of writing this, a number is $1/mo and $0.0075 to send or receive a text message. (3/4 a penny). Pricing may change so please verify with Twilio.

Forwarding Phone Calls and Replies

On the settings page you can configure what phone number to forward phone calls and replies to.

Twilio and Carrier Rates Apply

Text messages can only be forwarded to numbers that support text messaging.

Carrier and Twilio rates apply. For each forwarded message you will be charged the standard rate from Twilio and your carrier. For each forwarded phone call you will be charged the per-minute rate from Twilio. As of writing this documentation, the "to make phone calls" rate is $0.013/minute.

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