Why is the account list larger than the targeted number on a sent broadcast message?

If you've sent a broadcast email and noticed a discrepancy between the number of accounts in your original audience and the number of accounts Fuse targeted, don't worry! This is because emails go through a filter just before sending to weed out accounts with specific email statuses.

At the top of the broadcast log, Fuse says it will send to "[Number] accounts matching these rules..." That number includes every account that matches your audience rules.

However, when the broadcast is triggered, Fuse automatically goes through the list of matching accounts, and before sending the email, it excludes any accounts with the following:

  1. A duplicate email address (Fuse automatically filters out all except one occurrence of each email address)

  2. An email address that is undeliverable for any reason, such as:

    1. The account's email field is empty.

    2. The email value has invalid syntax (Fuse will only send to an address that is in name@domain.com format. If the email field contains anything else, Fuse will not send anything to it).

    3. Invalid email domain (Fuse checks to make sure the email domain exists and is configured to handle email before trying to send email to it).

    4. The address formerly hard-bounced (if an email attempt has bounced back to Fuse once, Fuse stops trying to send email to that address).

    5. The customer has opted out (recipients can click the unsubscribe link or, in some email systems, click a button in their inbox to opt out of future emails. Fuse always automatically prevents sending to opted-out addresses).

Because Fuse automatically excludes accounts whose email addresses meet one of the conditions above, the "targeted" number will sometimes appear lower than your original number of audience members. This is perfectly normal due to Fuse protecting your sender reputation!