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Written by Rachel Newton
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We love getting feedback and suggestions from our clients! This helps us determine what we are going to work on next. Is there something new you want to see in Fuse? Do you want something to work differently? Let us know! You can leave feedback and suggestions, and you can also see what other users have suggested and vote on items that intrigue you.

Suggest a Feature

To leave feedback or leave a suggestion, navigate to the gear icon located in the top right corner of your dashboard and click "Suggest a Feature":

This will open our feedback page, and you can click on the topic that interests you.

Vote or Create Your Own Post

Vote for a topic by clicking on the number next to what you would like to see added to Fuse. Or create your own.


Our Roadmap gives you insight into what updates the Fuse team is currently working on and what we have planned for the future!

Here is an overview of the statuses you will see under the Roadmap section:

  • Under Review: Items we are considering

  • Planned: What work we have planned to do soon

  • In Progress: What we are currently working on

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