What’s New in Fuse

Ever wonder what's being added and updated in Fuse? Our newest feature lets you see what we have been working on and what's coming up next!

To see what's new in Fuse, click on the lightning bolt icon in the upper right corner. This opens a list of the most recent new additions and changes to Fuse:

Click on "See all changes," to open a new window showing all of our updates:

Interested in seeing what updates the Fuse team is currently working on and what we have planned for the future? We make that easy to view with our Roadmap. Click on "Roadmap" on the upper left of the page to view these items:

Here is an overview of the statuses you will see under the Roadmap section:

  • Under Review: Items we are considering

  • Planned: What work we have planned to do soon

  • In Progress: What we are currently working on

Have feedback or a suggestion for Fuse? Click here to learn how to submit your feedback.