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How Can Clients Unsubscribe From My Emails?
How Can Clients Unsubscribe From My Emails?

Clients can hit the "unsubscribe" button in your emails, or they may ask you to unsubscribe them.

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There are two ways for a client to opt-out of email communications from you. Learn more about these options below!

How Does a Client Unsubscribe From My Emails?

In order to be compliant with spam legislation, there must be an option for clients to unsubscribe from all email communications on every email. At the bottom of every email sent through Fuse, there is an "unsubscribe" button that allows a client to opt-out of any future communication. 

When the client clicks on that link they will first see this screen:

When they click on the button again it confirms their removal:

The client will now be removed from all future email communications from the Fuse platform.

What if a client asks to be unsubscribed or removed from any future email?

Sometimes, however, that request will come through via email or a phone request.

To completely opt a client out of receiving any further emails, pull up their account in the "Accounts" tab in Fuse. In the left-hand menu, you will see the Primary Contact email along with either a double or single blue checkmark.

Click on the blue checkmark and then click "Opt Out":

This will opt the client out of any future email communication. You will now see a red circle with an "x" confirming they are opted out.

Remember if you are not trying to permanently remove someone from the system but rather remove them from a specific campaign then you will want to follow these instructions here.

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