How to Hide Names or Customer Since Dates on Embedded Testimonials

Learn how to customize the embedded testimonial feed on your website so the Names and/or Customer Since Dates are not shown.

When embedding testimonials from the NPS Campaign on your website, each testimonial will default display the Name and Customer Since Year of the customer who provided it.

Names are displayed as:

  • For Personal accounts = First Name, Last Initial

  • For Commercial accounts = Full Company Name

We recommend displaying the personal and company names of people that leave reviews, as it makes them appear more credible to viewers.

However, if you'd rather not display Names and/or Customer Since Date, you can hide one or both of these elements in your testimonial feed.

To hide one or both data points, add one of the following snippets of HTML code anywhere on the same page where your testimonials are embedded.

To Hide Name Only:

<style> > p > strong { 
display: none; 


To Hide Customer Since Date Only:

<style> > p > span { 
display: none; 


To Hide Name and Customer Since Date:

<style> { 
display: none; 


If you aren't sure how to add this code to your website, please check with your webmaster or web designer.

Contact our support team for assistance if your website is provided/managed by Agency Revolution.