To get to employee mapping, click here and follow the steps to get back to your set up screen.

Once there, click on the 'Employee Mapping' section:

The first step is to confirm all current users in the system and to add any new users.  Because Fuse can email on behalf of Producers, CSRs, and employees of your company, you'll want to make sure you add anyone whom you would want an email to come from.

You can add more users by clicking on the +people icon on the right hand side.

**Once added, they will get an email asking them to confirm themselves as a user in our system. They can disregard that email entirely - unless you want them actively logging into the account.  In which case let us know and we can enable their account.

Once you've added all necessary staff, click "Next" on the bottom-right hand side of the screen to take you to Step 2/3

Choose a "primary user".  This "primary user" will be what the system inputs as the sender of an email is in the event that the system comes across an account where the CSR or Producer data is blank.  In essence-  It will default back to the primary user any time the system is unsure of whom it should send from.

Once you're done setting your "primary user", click "Next" on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

What you will see is the very first "employee code" Fuse finds in your database. To understand who that code represents as an employee, look below into the "matching" employee section as depicted below:

In this example above we see the employee code of !!0. We see that this code represents the employee of Karen Kennelly. Karen may be a current or former employee, but its important that we map all employees to a user in Fuse just in case an active customer has a former employee's code still listed in their CSR or producer field. 

You can map a former employee's code to a current employee. For example, if Karen Kennelly is a former employee, you could map that employee code to Lou or Anne instead, or a current employee who handles a similar book of business. If Karen is a current employee, just map her code to her own user/email.

To map the code to a user, click the drop down box next to "Map to", and select the user you wish to map that employee code to.

In this case, if Karen is a user, you would select her email to map her code to. If she is a former employee, you would pick someone else's email to map her code to. 

Once you've selected to map a specific code, representing a specific staff or former staff to the right user, click "create map" to complete mapping. 

Continue mapping employee codes to users until you are done with all employee codes, then click "Finish" in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen.

Remember if a new employee joins your company or if an employee leaves your company - you will want to come in and adjust mapping under 'existing maps'

If you get stuck - remember to click on the 'In App' chat icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen and our support team would be happy to assist.

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