My Business Insights Dashboard Is Missing Health or Financial Categories

How to adjust your policy maps to accommodate these categories.

In a previous version of the dashboard, we computed the revenue inside each client type category (Personal, Commercial, Financial, etc) as the sum premium of all policies. This led to an issue: the values specifically for Personal Lines were inflated because if someone had Personal and Commercial policies the total value included both policies.

We fixed it!

The bad news for some, fixing it revealed a new problem. Some Life and Health policies are miscategorized as Personal policies and therefore lumped into the Personal group.

How to fix my dashboard groups

First, understand how policy mapping works. In a policy map, we map data from your AMS to our system so we can extract as much useful information out of it for segmentation and marketing.

In the screenshot above, any policy from Hawksoft with a Title of Life and a Customer Type of Personal becomes a Personal > Life Policy.

Let's break that down a bit more. If Personal is the category, then this policy will show up in the Dashboard as a Personal policy.

You can access the Policy Type Maps from the Settings > System Integration > Setup option.

Creating New Policy Types

To fix it you would create a new Policy Type with a Category that fits your needs. Let's create a Life and Health Category and a Life Policy Type by clicking on the "+" Add Button:

Define your new Category from the list, and then type anything you would like for the Policy Type:

Updating the Dashboard

Make sure you review all of your policy types. Once you've created the type once you can delete the existing type and just type in "Life" and choose it from the list. No need to create the same title multiple times.

The dashboard refreshes every 24 hours if there is new data. Be sure to send your data to Fuse and check back tomorrow!