Restricting WebServices API Permissions in AMS360

How to restrict Fuse's API permissions

In your AMS360 WebServices API settings, you can restrict which "entities" (which kinds of data) Fuse is able to access and download.

Please Note: Even if you choose to "Check all" permissions, Fuse will only access and download the data that is relevant to its purpose. For example, even if you permit Fuse to access "Vendor Invoice" data, Fuse will not access or download that data. Fuse integration is focused on syncing data about your agency, employees, customers, and policies so that it can effectively send the right messages to (and from) the right people at the right time.

That being said, if you'd like to restrict Fuse's API permissions, so the integration only has access to the data it uses, you are certainly welcome to do so! This can be done in AMS360 by going to Administration > Web Service API and editing the "AR" entry. Under the "Entity Access" section, "Uncheck All" and then check only the boxes shown here: