Where Xanatek Data Comes From

How is data is mapped from Xanatek to Fuse? How does Fuse choose a primary contact and map names and emails?

With Xanatek, like any other system we integrate with, all of your data is available "as-is" from your system. But we also map the data to our schema to unlock more power and consistency.

This article will give you an overview of the data we get and how it relates to the screens in Xanatek.

Primary Contact Selection & Important Primary Contact Values

Xanatek's "Primary Contact" info will be used as the Primary Contact in Fuse.  From that contact, this is how Fuse maps some of the most important fields:
(Xanatek Field = Fuse Field)

  • Display As = Name

  • First = First Name

  • Last = Last Name

  • Company = Company Name

  • Primary Email Address (the email with a star in Xanatek) = Email

Other Data Mapping

The data itself is mapped according to this Spreadsheet.

The screens the data comes from are available below.