How to Use Email Engagement to Boost Website Traffic

Digital marketing is a vital part of your business. With the insurance industry being so competitive, email is one way to be more effective to increase your website visits and engagement. Email lists are still considered the top marketing tool for small businesses.

So How Can Emails Boost Traffic to Your Website?

Email can bring more than delivering a message to your clients and prospects. It is a great way to promote your website and drive clients/prospects through links to the pages you want them to visit.

Using email to promote your blog posts, white papers, nurturing messages, and cross-sell opportunities, also drives traffic to your website. By having related topics and links on the website page to supporting pages, you can also keep that traffic on your website.

For instance, you write and send an email to promote a blog post that you have written about motorcycle safety. By including a link to your "Motorcycle Insurance Page," your "About Us" page, and your "Auto Insurance" page within the blog post, you are now giving your subscriber an easy way to get to different pages with related content. More engagement. More traffic. Better search engine results.

In reviewing Google Analytics we consistently see a spike in visits when emails are sent out. For instance, sending out a referral program email reminder not only promotes your program but also drives clients to your website.

Our client re-engagement email campaign offers the same type of results. Often times we see multiple quote requests when the initial email is sent out. By sending out your emails, you are inviting your clients and prospects to engage with you!

Just One Part of Your Digital Marketing

Relying on one channel for digital marketing is a dangerous game. Getting as much control of your content distribution and client and community conversations is an asset worth building and nurturing.

Email is one way of doing that. It is not controlled by Facebook or Google, which means your message gets delivered without going through an algorithm to get delivered.

How Do I Include Links in My Email?

Every email should include links to your website. The body of your email should include links to a page that supports your topic. From promoting a blog post to a cross-sell campaign; linking to the supporting page is vital!

The footer is also a great place to put important links. If you have a specialty niche, referral program, blog, or offer client services, you should include these types of links on your email. Remember to make it easy for your clients with the links. You can change these out seasonally too. RV Insurance, Boat Insurance, and ATV Insurance are great links in the spring and summertime, but not so much in the fall and winter seasons.

5 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic From Email

  1. Start or create your email list. Your agency management system should include your client's and prospects' email address, whenever possible. Make it easy for your website visitors, create a form for them to use to sign up for quote requests, newsletter subscriptions, or blog subscriptions.
  2. Segment your email lists. Depending on your message, you will want to segment your list accordingly. You will want to send a different type of message to your personal lines clients than your commercial lines clients. Using software like Connect from Agency Revolution allows you to easily build out these different groups.
  3. Keep your list informed. Stay in touch with your clients and prospects. Without regular updates sent out to clients, your emails could be marked as spam. Newsletters, nurturing messages, and valuable information for your clients and prospects will keep your audience engaged. Include a tease of your newest blog post and link to it. It will crease the return visitors and keep your brand top of mind. Google loves new content on websites.
  4. Create Valuable ContentCreate emails and blog posts that are entertaining and engaging. You can check my blog post “How to Create Blog Topics Your Clients and Prospects Want to Read”  There are great ideas on topics that would also apply for emails.
  5. Automate Your EmailsThis allows your smaller company to compete with larger businesses. Ensure that you have campaigns set up for all stages of the client’s life cycle. From having a follow up to a form, a cross-sell campaign, blog promotion, newsletters, and nurturing messages, allows you to keep in contact with your clients and prospects. Don’t forget to have your links to your website! You can check out our automated email software here!

Keep Your Email Content Valuable

With clients and prospects being bombarded with digital information, you have to stand out from the rest by providing valuable and targeted content that your clients and prospects find useful. By using the email you’ll increase their engagement and raise your website traffic.

Emails can serve as a reminder for your clients to read a new blog or new information you may have on your website. It also helps keep your brand top of mind. Your brand and content are front of mind for your subscribers.

As your subscribers interact with your website, they are more likely to share your content, if it is valuable to them or their friends. All of this engagement adds value for your site and Google notices. As people engage with your site, spend more time on a page and go to multiple pages it helps with the algorithm factors that build your organic traffic.

Jill Berroth is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Agency Revolution. She has worked at Agency Revolution for nearly 6 years. Jill provides Professional Services to our clients focusing on their digital presence and engagement through websites and our automation software.