On your welcome call - or if you later decide to add a new list to connect you will be following these instructions.

First log into connect and find the set up screen.  From there you will create a new list.  Once the list has been created - click 'set up'

It will bring you to a page that looks like this:

If this is a second list or a list associated with a specific location  - start by giving it a unique 'List Name'.

Then click on the next step ' SetUp AMS360 WSAPI'

It will open up a 10 step 'wizard' for you to follow.  Keep in mind that when working in AMS 360 you will need to be in Internet Explorer with Admin permissions - unless you are part of AMS 360's new Chrome beta group.

For Connect - reminder you should be in Chrome - it's helpful to be working on duel monitors.

At the end of each step click 'Next'

Step 2/10

Step 3/10

Step 4/10

Step 5/10

Step 6/10

Step 7/10

Step 8/10

Step 9/10
For this step  the circles start out gray and over the next 5-10 minutes - they eventually turn green.  It does take a bit of time and  they don't all turn green at once.  (Good time to re-heat your coffee or make a quick phone call)

Step 10/10
Yay!  your WSAPI is all set up and the next step is to test it by sending notifications through the WSAPI  - which is the next step.

Set Up Notifications

Once you click on that step - it once again, opens an 11 step wizard.  At the end of each step click 'next'.

Step 1/11

Step 2/11

Step 3/11

Step 4/11

Step 5/11

Step 6/11

Step 7/11

Step 8/11

Step 9/11

Step 10/11
This tends to be the trickiest part for those less familiar with AMS 360.  In step 10 we ask that you go into your dummy AMS 360 client account - or that you create one.  The system needs to see data changing in order to test the WSAPI.  The easiest way to modify the 'Company' field is to open up a Company (Carrier) that you don't use often and change the name to include 'Inc.' at the end of it.

As the system receives data the gray circles will once again turn green until all circles have turned green.

Step 11/11
Great Job!  Click 'finish' and you are 'done for the day' - At this point the system will take 4-8 hours to download all data into Connect where we can then move on to employee mapping and some other final set up steps.

if you get stuck at any point along the way - please use the in-app chat feature in the upper right hand side of your Connect system and we will get to you as quickly as possible.

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