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Workflows in Pipeline

Following-up with Forms

Benefit: Make sure there’s a consistent follow-up process with every lead, so opportunities never fall through the cracks.

Watch this video tutorial on how to follow-up with forms

Scenario A, Support: As a support agent, providing quality support is essential for your agency. When someone fills out a form on your website, you need to ensure you take care of your client with quality, in a timely manner.

Scenario B, Sales: As a sales agent, providing quality support is essential for your agency. When someone fills out a form on your website, you need to ensure you take care of your client with quality, in a timely manner.

With Pipeline, when someone fills out a form, a new Lead is automatically created. This is automatic and cannot be disabled. The CSR or Producer receives a notification on their computer. In Fuse, they can see where in the process the lead is and manage it to completion.

Our forms are generating leads and service requests for agents every day.

💡 Tip: All forms will automatically create a new Lead.

Automation on Stage Entry & Exit

Benefit: Automate tedious communication so that there’s consistency and effectiveness.

Watch this video tutorial on automation on stage entry & exit

Note: While these are possible workflows today, we are limited to one Pipeline at the launch of this new product. Therefore, someone would only be able to configure a single workflow today. We can set up filters so that the right communication goes to the right person.

As an agency, you may want to automatically send an email after making contact with a prospect. You can have these emails queue up in the Outbox, so you have a chance for final review. When someone has moved beyond a stage, you can ensure that no more follow-ups will be sent.

Other ways to use the tool:

  • Following-up with event leads

  • Workflows for all producers to manage sales

  • Follow-up after a claim

Net Promoter Score Review Follow-up

Benefit: Follow-up with promoters and detractors so they receive the best possible outcomes, consistently.

Watch this video tutorial on Net Promoter Score review follow-up

As an agency, you may want every customer service representative to follow-up with all NPS reviews to address issues and get referrals and Google Reviews from your promoters.

Systematic Sales Process

A systematic sales process is critical to the success of any producer. By having a well-structured approach to managing leads and opportunities, you can ensure that no potential sales are overlooked and that you're consistently maximizing your revenue. Pipeline is designed to support you in establishing and maintaining a systematic sales process.

Implementing a Systematic Sales Process with Pipeline

  • Lead Management: With Pipeline, you can easily manage leads, track their progress through the sales process, and assign them to the appropriate team members. This helps you maintain visibility and control over all potential sales opportunities.

  • Workflow Automation: Pipeline's automation features enable you to create workflows that streamline your sales process and ensure consistent follow-ups and communication with leads.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Monitor your sales performance and gain insights into your sales process with Pipeline's reporting and analytics tools (planned for future updates).

  • Customizable Stages: In the future, Pipeline will allow you to set up stages that align with your agency's unique sales process, ensuring that each lead is tracked and managed according to your specific requirements. So imagine that a small commercial process would be different than a personal lines up-selling process.

By leveraging these features, you can establish a systematic sales process that drives success for your agency and maximizes your revenue potential.

Targeted Audience Campaigns

Watch this video tutorial on targeted audience campaigns

As a sales manager, you may want to run a campaign focused on a specific set of customers from your AMS data, so that you can create Leads from your AMS data.

Examples of this might be:

  • Targeted cross-sell efforts

  • AMS 360 Notation data or Profile Q&A, or Epic custom fields, to create a specific segment (by industry, for example)

  • SIC or NAICS code lookups

💡 Tip: The name of the lead is included in the Lead Title for all automatically created leads, whether from the Turn Accounts Into Leads tool, the Lead Step Type, or the Form Created Leads.

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