Using Youtube code:

Go to the video that you would like to embed into your page, and click the 'Share' to get more options.

After clicking on share you will see more options.

Click on the 'Embed' to get the code you will need to use.

After clicking on Embed you will be presented with a field with the embed code.

This is the code you will copy and paste it into a content module.

Navigate to the page you would like to add the video on. Open the edit mode of the content module, and click on the HTML view.

Paste the video embed code where you would like the video to show up.

In this example the code is added right after the Header 1 placeholder. ( <h1> indicates header 1 )

After hitting save you can see how it will show up on the webpage.

You can paste the code in a different place, but we don't recommend more then one video per page.

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