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AMS360/QQ Catalyst Activity Data Synchronization
AMS360/QQ Catalyst Activity Data Synchronization

How to set up activity data synchronization for AMS360 and QQ Catalyst so you can see the activity of Fuse inside your AMS.

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Activity Data Synchronization is a way to push Account Activity data from Agency Revolution to your AMS/BMS. With this tool, your entire team can be aware of what's going on with an account from inside their Management System.

In This Article You Will Learn:

  • Systems Supported

  • Events Available

  • Turning on Activity Data Synchronization

  • Toggling On or Off Individual Events

  • User ID's used to log activity

  • Benefits of Synchronization

Systems Supported

  • QQ Catalyst

  • AMS 360

Events Available

Our goal is to make every possible event available. We'll then choose a safe set of default events. And it's up to you to turn off or on different events.

Turning on Activity Data Synchronization

This is a List specific setting. Navigate to the List's Accounts page. Click the hamburger menu on the right and choose Activity Data Sync.

To turn on or off all Activity Data Synchronization by selecting the top toggle on this page.

Toggling On or Off Individual Events

Next to the event name hit the toggle to switch its state. This will only have an effect on what events will be logged to your Management System in the future and will have no effect on the past state.

AMS360 Employee Used to Log Activities Into AMS360

Fuse will use data from AMS360 to decide what AMS360 Employee will be used when logging the activity.

  • Account Level Account Rep

  • If inactive, Account Level Account Executive

  • If inactive, the default activity rep designated in Fuse Activity Settings. You can set this default to any active AMS360 Employee It does not need to be the same as your Fuse default email sender, but it can be if you'd like. The Default user needs to be active in AMS360.

Benefits of Synchronization

Activity data synchronization improves your team's client communications. You can know exactly what messages were sent and when. And have one-click access to the full details in our system.

It gives you better E&O protection by logging this data inside your Management System. A well-trained staff can then communicate appropriately to their clients.

AMS 360 Specific Information

This is what the synchronization information looks like in AMS360.

To make sure we can write data to the AMS360 Activity Log, please make sure the permission highlighted below in teal is checked off.

The "Activity" check box in AMS360 can be found under the following menus:

  • Administration

  • Web Service API

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