If I have customers in my system multiple times with the same email will they get multiple messages?

No. When sending an email blast, we will analyze the list of targeted email addresses and only send one message per email address. In other words, we eliminate duplicates to save you any embarrassment.

Email Broadcast Tutorial

Occasionally, you may want to send out a quick manual message to a group of clients. Situations such as unexpected office closures, a change in office hours, a natural disaster, etc.

You can quickly and easily create this message without creating a new campaign. In fact, we recommend you do not create a campaign for a one-time email broadcast or announcement.

To create an email broadcast, first, navigate to Marketing>>Broadcasts:

On the bottom-right corner click the arrow icon>>Send Email:

Step 1: Edit Email

You can then either "Start from Scratch" or "Browse Message Library." Don't worry, if you change your mind at any point you can easily select to use the "Message Library" (this button is located on the top of your screen.)

Step 2: Choose Audience

After you compose your email, it is time to select your audience. Click on "Choose Audience" located in the upper-right hand corner to get started:

You have different options to select from here. (Note: If you started from the accounts view and selected a segment, this step will already be completed.)

  1. "Specific People" - Select the specific people you would like to send your email to.
  2. “All Active Customers” - This will target every active account on your list.
  3. “Common Audiences” - Select this option if you’d like to use common audiences.
  4. “Custom” - Use this option to create your segment.

Step 3: Choose Send Date

Now that your email is composed and the audience is selected, it is time to title your message and send it! The message title you enter here is not the subject line of your email, but rather a broad description that only your company will see in Fuse. In the below example, we have called it 'Twin Bulls Fire Update'.

After you have entered in a message title, you have the following options:

  1. "Save for Later" - Your email will be saved in the 'Draft' area.
  2. “Save and Close” - Your email will be saved in the 'Draft' area.
  3. “Schedule Later” - You can schedule a future date that you would like the email to send on. Your email will then appear in the "Scheduled" items in your Broadcast menu.
  4. “Send It Now” - The email will immediately send to your audience.

Note: Once you leave this page, you can navigate back here by going to Marketing>>Broadcasts.

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