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  • Account Card Overview
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  • Activities
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  • Responses
  • Campaigns
  • Data


The account screen is laid out like this. On the left side is a quick overview of the account. On the right are tabsĀ 

Here you can quickly see number of active policies on record, the client status, the total premium, account type and basic contact information.

You can also view the latest activity on the account and if any information or data has changed after a recent data update.

Email Status

Displayed next to any email address, either the primary contact or additional contacts, is an icon that displays email status.

  • Withdrawn someone has either been opted out, complained or opted out from receiving email to this address
  • Implicit permission to send this person email is implied through a current or former business relationship or completing a form.
  • Explicit someone has explicitly requested to receive email from you
  • Unknown the contact has not given you explicit permission, does not qualify for implicit permission and has not withdrawn from email


In the main view you'll see a list of recent activities. This could be opened email, matched events or anything that's happened and associated to the Account.

If you click on any of those events you can view expanded details on each event.

The activities view gives you a chance to audit the activities and get an overview of the recent communication with the Account.

See also: Incorrect Events - How to report and how we identify and fix them


Policies give you a quick overview of what policies a customer currently has or what has expired. If there are any issues please verify your mapping.


Responses are the form completions your Account has made - either Quote Forms or Contact forms that can be embedded on your website. Clicking on a result will show you the form details.


Shows you which Sequences & Campaigns an Account is currently subscribed to. There is a button next to each which allow you to remove the Account from a Campaign.


The Data tab is a detailed view of the data we receive from your Agency Management System and the data after we've mapped it. Nearly all of the data you see here is also available as a merge field in the email or postcard builder - and also available in the Segment builder. This means that you can utilize this data to hyper-target your communication or trigger at specific events related to changes in this data.

If a field you see here is not currently available as a merge field just contact us and we will make it available for you within a week.

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