Creating Your Saved Report in TAM

In this step, you will be creating and saving a user-defined report. This will allow you to run the report more quickly on an ongoing basis. These directions are necessary for the setup but don't need to be repeated each time the report is generated.

  1. In TAM, click "Reports" on the left sidebar.
  2. If this is your first time creating an integration report for Fuse, skip directly to Step 3 below.
    If you've set up a report for Fuse integration before but you need to re-create it today, start by clicking the "User Defined" button on the left sidebar and
    • In the "Report Type" box, select "User Defined Reports".
    • In the "Report Choices" box, locate any/all versions of the Agency Revolution report, right-click each one and delete it (this is to avoid any confusion with the new version you’ll create in a moment – when done there will only be 1 version to run!)
  3. On the left sidebar, click the "Search" button.
  4. Select the "Report Selection" tab.
    • In the "Report Type" box select "Customer"
    • In the "Report Choices" box select "Policies - Current
    • For output type, select "User-Defined"
  5. Select the "Criteria" tab.
    • Set each criteria to "All."
    (if any criteria does not say all, simply double-click it and clear all special criteria from the selection box on the right side, then save changes and it should reset that criteria to "all" by default. - ALSO NOTE: If you need to completely exclude some contacts from being exported due to their Agency code, Branch code, Producer, etc., this is the place to do it. However, excluding contacts from the report does not eliminate them from Fuse so using exclusion criteria may cause problems with your campaigns. Please consult with an Agency Revolution representative before doing so.)
    - Set Record Listings to "List Each Time Found"
    (This is not optional – this criteria MUST say “List Each Time Found” or you will have incorrect customer data in Fuse)
  6. Select the "Description" tab
    • Either leave the description blank or enter a description if you want one (like "Customer Report for AR Fuse.") This is optional.
  7. Select the "Fields/Sort" tab
    • If there are already items in the field selection area (the box on the right side) clear them all out.
    • Select the fields listed below. This is done by clicking a field in the box on the left side, then clicking the "Select" button to pull it over into the selection box on the right.

    Policy Data
    -Customer/Pol_Idx Number
    -Policy Number
    -Conglomerate Customer Number
    -Policy Effective Date
    -Policy Expiration Date
    -Date First Written
    -Policy Type
    -Issuing Company
    -Producer One
    -Policy Premium
    -Policy Customer Service Rep
    -Policy Status
    -Line of Business

    Customer Data
    -Customer Code
    -Customer Number
    -Customer Name
    -Customer Attention
    -Customer Street
    -Customer City
    -Customer State
    -Customer Zip Code
    -Phone - Business
    -Phone - Residence
    -Phone - Fax
    -Email Address
    -Customer Heading
    -Marketing Plan
    -Marketing opt-out (Sometimes called "Skip in Search")

    Contact Info
    -Contact Full Name
    -Contact First Name
    -Contact Last Name
    -Contact Company
    -Contact Street
    -Contact City
    -Contact State
    -Contact Zip Code
    -Primary Phone Type
    -Primary Phone
    -Primary Email Type
    -Primary Email Address
    -Method of Contact
    -Contact Indicator
    -Birth Date
    -Relationship to Client
  8. Click "Run" in the upper-left corner.
  9. When prompted, name the report "AR Customer Export", set the Default Output Destination to "Excel - Raw Data" and continue.

You're Done!

You will now find your Saved Search in the "User-Defined" section, under "User-Defined Searches."

Exporting From TAM

In this step, you will be running the actual customer report. This report should be run regularly and imported to Fuse to ensure your data is up-to-date for campaign purposes.

We recommend importing a new report at least twice per week to keep your customer data up-to-date. You may import more frequently if you’d like, but in order to avoid bogging down our integration server please limit your uploads to a maximum of once per day.

  1. From the TAM Reports screen, click "User Defined."
    • In the "Report Type" box, select "User Defined Searches."
    • In the "Report Choices" box, select the Agency Revolution export report (should be named something like "AR Customer Export")
    • In the "Output Type" area, make sure "Excel Raw Data" is selected (it should already be selected by default.)
  2. Click the "Run" button in the upper-left corner.
  3. When prompted to choose a filename.
    • If this is your first time running the report: choose "Send output to a new filename", enter the filename as "AR Customer Export" and click "Ok."
    • If you have run the report before: choose "Send output to an existing file" instead. Then select the pre-existing filename from the list of options and click "Ok."
  4. After the report runs, you will be asked whether you want to open the file in Excel. Choose "No" (you do not need to open it in Excel.)
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