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A Quick Overview of your Accounts Homepage

Welcome to the home screen of your 'Account' page in Agency Revolution. Across the top you will see the main system navigation. From left to right - if you click on the 'AR logo in the upper left hand corner it will take you to your Agency Revolution 'Dashboard'.

The next tab is the 'Accounts' Tab - where you can find information on all your clients that have been uploaded into the system. This is the view shown above and you can tell we are in the 'Accounts' tab due to the red underline under the word 'Accounts'

To the right of the 'Accounts' button you will find the 'Automations' Tab. This tab will take you to all your Automations along with the Automation Library where you can download the latest Automations.

On the right side of the main tool bar you will see your 'Account Name' followed by 4 dark gray icons.

Simply hover over the '?' icon to ask for help about a specific page or to access our Help Center Library.

The bell icon is for important notifications or things in your system that need your attention. A 'red' number will show up next to the bell letting you know how may items need your attention:

The 'Gear' icon to the right of the bell is where you will find your company information. You can set your main company name, address, and contact information along with setting your local timezone as well as add users to the system.

Finally the square icon on the far right. That is our 'in app chat feature'. Please click on that icon to open a new chat window. We will do our best to respond to you as efficiently as possible. If we are on another call or away from our desks - it may take up to 24 hours.

Below the main white navigation bar you will see the teal page navigation. Here it will tell you which list you are working in and on the right hand side you can search for a contact, send a message, or manage your lists

Viewing and Creating Segments

Below this bar on the left you will notice a list of current segments you have created as well as the ability to create more via the '+ADD SEGMENT' button.

As you create segments we suggest naming the segment exactly what the segment represents - for example ' Active Clients' could be one segment and 'Active Clients with Emails' should be a different segment.

To the right you will see a list of names, emails, Addresses, and Client Types from your chosen segment.

Click on a name in the name column to discover more details about a specific account.

Configuring Activity Data Synchronization

Activity Data Synchronization allows you to show Agency Revolution event data within your Management System. Learn more about setting this up.

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