If you want to run any kind of account rounding or targeting segment blast you will need to go through the process of mapping your policy types.

The system will try to guess the best place to map your agency management system data to - but it's not always perfect and you will likely need to make adjustments.

Let's start with a basic example:

We are focusing on the 'UNMAPPED' section that is colored teal. The system is saying that it has found 8 instances in which the Policy > Title is Home and so it thinks you should map these 8 policies to Personal > Home. Most would agree with this logic and so you would click 'Create Map'.

The great thing about the system is that it will give you examples at the bottom of the page of the actual matches - so you can easily verify the logic with actual accounts.

If you change your mind, you can always click on the 'existing map' area and edit your prior maps.

Lets look at another example:

In this example the client is coming across their first example of 'miss matched logic'. The system is doing it's best to identify accurate logic - but fortunately humans are still smarter.... In this case the system has 'matched' the word 'cargo' and is guessing on the mapping. Obviously 'Log haul trucking cargo' is very different than Ocean Marine Cargo.

The map can easily be adjusted by either clicking on the 'drop down arrow' to the left to choose another choice in the system.

or adding your own by clicking on the '+' just to the right of the dropdown arrow which will pop up a window to allow you to better define the map.

Keep in mind that if you have way more policies to map than active clients - it's because we ask you to map ALL data in your system - not just active clients. Expect to see expired/inactive clients as well as active clients. You are mapping 'POLICIES' not their 'STATUS'.

If you are getting down to the 'nitty gritty' of only one or two policy types - you may choose to map to 'other' or 'miscellaneous'. Odds are you are not doing an email campaign to only a few clients.

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