Connecting "Personal Profiles" to "Contact Info" in HawkSoft

Get the cleanest and most effective contact details in Fuse by connecting your HawkSoft "Contact Info" to "Personal Profiles"

Requirements: Hawksoft Version 3.14 or higher & our latest integration app.


In HawkSoft, you can separately create both "Contact Info" and "Personal Profiles." Each piece of Contact Info can be associated with a specific Personal Profile. HawkSoft does not require them to be connected, but by doing so, you will get the best possible results in Fuse!

Tip: If you want to import birthdays to Fuse, the Date of Birth must be entered into a Personal Profile in HawkSoft, which must then be connected with the correct email address.

How to Set Up a Personal Profile

  • Go to the "Edit Client" screen and look under "Named Insureds and Personal Profiles."

  • If you see the person, you want to edit there, select them and click "Edit." If not, click "Add" to create a new Personal Profile.

  • On the "Add/Edit Personal Profile" screen, make sure at least the "First" and "Last" fields are populated, also, add "Date of Birth" if you want to import their Birthday.

  • Click "Add" under the "Contact Info" section, and select or add the applicable email address.

  • You may add other details if you wish, but the "Name" and "Email" are the most important fields to Fuse, and "Date of Birth" if you plan to run a Birthday campaign. 

  • When done, click "Ok."


  • From the "Edit Client" screen, under "Contact Info (Phone Numbers and Email Addresses," you can click to "Add" or "Edit" an email address:

  • Then choose the pre-existing Profile to which that email should belong.

  • This will connect specific names with specific email addresses! (You'll still need to ensure the Date of Birth has been filled in for that Profile if you intend to include them in the Birthday campaign.)

How Does This Help Me?

Consistently linking Profiles with the correct Contact Info in HawkSoft (especially email addresses) will result in a more accurate number of complete and accurate Contacts in Fuse. This allows you to communicate much more clearly and consistently with your contacts. As you can see, it is essential if you want to run a Birthday campaign.

What if I Don't Do It?

When an entry under HawkSoft's "Contact Info" (such as an email address or phone number) is not linked to a specific Profile, we don't know which person it belongs to, so we create a separate contact with nothing but that one piece of info on it. In other words, one contact in Fuse might have nothing but a name, and another might have nothing but an email, and these two important elements will not be connected to each other. The result is a lot of unnecessary extra contacts on each Customer Account, none of which are complete enough to be as effective as they could be.