Agency Revolution Alerts

Our software will alert you if we need your attention. These alerts are only triggered if there's some action you need to do to fix a problem. For example, if you delete a form field and still use the form field in an email we'll alert you.

  • Campaign has no sequences and forms

  • Campaign has no list selected

  • Downloading your accounts has stalled

  • Email merge tokens are invalid

  • A form was submitted without any events

  • Integration is out of sync

  • Mapping accounts is taking a long time (Agency Revolution Alert)

  • TAM unique key fields have changed

  • Email is missing a subject

  • Email is missing a To value

  • Postcard credits are exhausted

  • TAM upload error

  • Unmapped Client Types need to be mapped

  • Unmapped Customer Types need to be mapped

  • Unmapped Employee Types need to be mapped

  • Unmapped Policy Types Status need to be mapped