You may have noticed the (usually red) Readability score on the right hand side of your screen while editing your new Digital Insurance Office (website).

What does it mean and should you pay attention to it?

What that feature is doing is looking at the content on the page and 'judging' it against various criteria in regards to how 'easy' it is to read.

One of the major factors that it looks for is what is known as the Flesh-Kincaid Score. The Flesh-Kincaid score attempts to judge content as 'easy to read' based on an average Middle School reading level.

Here is the thing... most insurance topics are not Middle School reading level friendly by the mere fact 'insurance' 'liability' and 'protection' are all multi syllable words. I would consider it a guide and look at the details of the Analysis and change what makes sense - then call it good - even if the overall score is still 'red'.

In the larger scale of things adding new pages, writing blogs, and focusing on automations is likely going to have a larger impact that the readability score of your DIO pages.

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