Configuring PowerBroker and Agency Revolution Scheduler

Agency Revolution Scheduler

The Agency Revolution Scheduler works with your Windows Task Scheduler that will do an automatic ‘send and receive’ to your Agency Revolution interface. 


If your server is typically logged off all day/night, copy these next few lines:
net use Q: \\Zyserv9\dataq /persistent:no

cd bro

If your server ‘never’ logs off, then please copy these next few lines:
cd bro

Open Notepad on your computer, and paste what you copied into the Notepad.

Change the drive letter ( Q ) to whatever drive Power Broker is in your office.
Change the Server Name ( Zyserv9 ) to whatever it is in your office.
Change the Share name ( dataq ) to whatever it is in your office.

In Notepad, do a ‘File Save’ to the servers C:\TaskScheduler folder as AgencyRev.txt. This folder will not exist, so please create a new folder with this name.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the C:\TaskScheduler folder, and if you do not see file extensions, then go to ‘View’, ‘Options’, ‘View’ window and the ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ should be blank. Hit ‘OK’.

Right-click over the AgencyRev.txt file and choose ‘Rename’. Change the extension to .cmd . Microsoft Windows will warn you that you are changing the file extension, but that’s fine, just say ok or yes. Close Windows Explorer.

Now open Windows Task Scheduler. You can search for it in your Windows search bar on your desktop.

Once you open the task scheduler, create a new task.

 In your Windows Task Scheduler, you would follow these next suggested settings:

Now switch to the "Triggers" tab and input the following suggested settings.

Now switch to the "Actions" tab and create a new action using the following settings.

After you have configured the previous screens, test the scheduler by right-clicking over the project, and choose "Run."

You should see this splash screen:

If you do not see the splash screen above, please contact Agency Revolution support.