General Regulations for Sending Emails

Email Regulations

These are our general Emailing regulations. It is critical that you follow these guidelines. Not doing so could lead to the loss of the ability to mass email through our system. Please note, this article is not legal language, may offer no legal merit or protections, and is subject to modification.

You can email anyone who has:

  • opted in and has been active within the last 12 months

  • anyone who has double opted in

  • anyone who is exempt

  • current customers

  • past customers (for up to 12 months)

  • anyone who has opted-in through our certified forms

Exceptions to the above:

  • people whose email addresses bounce

  • people who have opted out (unsubscribed) or complained

If our email sending provider suspects that you are spamming, they may require additional verification from you. If they determine you are spamming, your ability to send emails will be removed from our system. If you email anyone who did not ask to get your email, then you are at risk.

Examples of behavior that put you at risk:

  • Not telling your customers you will contact them

  • Not informing people after or during a form fill out that they may receive follow-up communication

  • Emailing past customers long after they have left

  • Email old leads long after they chose not to do business with you

  • Emailing many people who attended an event, but were not informed that you would be contacting them

  • Emailing people without adding value

  • Emailing people too much

Email Limits

Unlimited emailing is allowed! Just keep in mind if you send too many emails you will get a high complaint rate, which could force us to disable your mailer.


  • Follow the guidelines above

  • Make sure your emails add value to the recipient

  • Do not send emails to purchased lists

  • Stagger your emails appropriately, and do not bombard your contacts

  • Always consider your audience, and only send emails that are relevant to them

  • Make sure your emails are clean, concise, and are clear in their message or directive

If you have additional questions, please contact Agency Revolution support at