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Understanding Your Business Insights
Understanding Your Business Insights
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Your "Business Insights" is your hub for all agency or brokerage metrics. Each metric has an info symbol that will describe how the metric is calculated when you hover over the icon with your mouse.

To navigate to your "Business Insights," go to Dashboard>>Business Insights:

Here, you will see a large pie chart. Clicking on each section of the pie chart will isolate the metrics to that sector of your business. For example, if you click on the Personal section of the pie chart, you will see the metrics below are updated to reflect only the personal lines portion of your business.

To return to full agency metrics at any time, simply click again on the selected segment.

These metrics are a great way to get a snapshot of each sector of your agency or brokerage, and they can be a great tool for building measurable goals and KPIs!

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