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Sending Emails From Policy Producers, CSRs, or Specific Employees
Sending Emails From Policy Producers, CSRs, or Specific Employees

It is possible for emails to come from specific employees associated with an account.

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To send emails from a policy Producer, Account Rep, or Specific Employee two things need to happen:

  1. The sequence must come from the Policy Context

  2. You must change the From field in the email builder to the associated employee

Checking Your Sequence Context

First, confirm that the email sequence is coming from the policy context. You can quickly see your email context from your sequence settings. If the context is "Policy" it will look something like this:

To change the context to "Policy" you will need to edit an unlaunched sequence. (If your sequence is already edited then you can quickly clone the sequence to make the change. Just be sure to pause your old one.)

Not all sequences support the Policy Context. To use a policy context you must use one of the following:

  • Any Date Sequence that targets a policy field

  • Any policy event

Changing Your Email From Field

In your email builder, hover over the "From:" field and click on the pencil icon that appears:

Here, you will be able to select your recipient from the three following options:

  1. Account > Account Rep: The email will send from the Account Rep (or CSR.)

  2. Account > Producer: The email will send from the Producer.

  3. Specific Employee: The email will send from the specific employee you select.

Now you can finish composing your email and you can send it! If your email is part of an existing campaign, remember to relaunch your campaign for the changes to take effect!

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