Broadcasting Text Messages

Prioritizing Valuable Communication Over Unnecessary Interruptions

In the insurance industry, maintaining open lines of communication with clients is vital. However, it's equally important that these communications provide value and respect the client's time. Fuse's Texting feature, designed for independent insurance agencies, ensures that every message is timely and relevant, reducing unnecessary interruptions that can stem from broadcast text messages.

The Drawbacks of Broadcast Text Messages

Broadcast text messages are a quick way to disseminate information to a large group of people. However, the convenience of this method can often lead to its misuse. For instance, sending an office closure notification to all clients can result in unnecessary interruptions. Such a notification is only helpful to clients intending to contact the office on that specific day. For most clients with no such plans, this message becomes an unwanted disruption, detracting from their overall experience.

Fuse's Texting Solution: Timely and Relevant Communication

Fuse's Texting feature is designed to facilitate meaningful and valuable communication. We recognize the importance of respecting clients' time and ensuring that every message they receive is relevant and timely.

Our Texting feature allows for automated text messages triggered by specific lifecycle events, such as onboarding a new client, policy renewals, billing follow-ups, and transaction notifications. These messages are tailored to each client's specific situation, ensuring they receive information pertinent to them and their interaction with the agency.

In addition to these automated messages, Fuse's Texting also encourages one-on-one communication. This feature allows insurance agents to personally engage with clients, addressing their needs and concerns in real-time. This direct, personalized interaction enhances the client experience and helps build stronger relationships.

How we prevent broadcast text messages

  1. You will not be able to use the Broadcast feature to send a text message

  2. You cannot launch a campaign with text messages if they are using an At Launch or Ongoing audience. These audience types would send a message to everyone in the audience immediately.

  3. You cannot launch a campaign with text messages if they target a Specific Date.


While broadcast text messages may seem convenient, they often lead to unnecessary interruptions for clients. Fuse's Texting feature provides a solution that respects clients' time, prioritizes relevant communication, and enhances overall client experience. Independent insurance agencies can build stronger, more meaningful relationships with their clients by focusing on personalized, automated messages and encouraging one-on-one communication.