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All you need to know about syncing attachments from your Fuse Pipeline to HawkSoft

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When you attach a file to a lead in your Fuse Pipeline, that attachment can be synced to the corresponding account in HawkSoft! Here's everything you need to know about this helpful feature:

How to use this feature

  1. First, you'll need to enable the Activity Data Sync feature from both the HawkSoft side and the Fuse side. If you already have this feature enabled, great! If you need help, click here for instructions.

  2. In Fuse, click "Accounts."

  3. In the upper right corner of the Accounts page, click on the three-dot menu icon and select "Activity Data Sync" from the drop-down menu:

  4. On the next page, scroll down and enable any or all Lead-related activities. From this point forward, whenever you perform an action you've enabled here and attach a file with it, both the activity log and the file will be sent to the related account in HawkSoft!
    (Not yet familiar with Pipeline? Click here for a Fuse Pipeline Overview).

Supported File Types and Sizes

HawkSoft currently supports attaching files of the following types, less than 5MB in size:

  • PDF

  • JPG

  • MP3

  • PNG

For other file types and files over 5MB, the file will not sync to HawkSoft, but the activity will still be logged.


This attachment can be sent to HawkSoft!

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