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Introducing Custom Pipelines in Fuse: Customize stages and create multiple pipelines to better align with your specific workflows

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Custom Pipelines is a feature within Fuse that allows users to tailor their sales and service workflows according to their specific needs. It provides the flexibility to customize the stages within a pipeline and the capability to create multiple pipelines.

Creating Multiple Pipelines

Creating multiple pipelines allows for more specialized workflows tailored to specific processes or departments. Here's how to create a new pipeline:

  1. Open the existing pipeline, click the gear icon, and select New Pipeline.

  2. A dialog box will appear where you can give the pipeline a Name and Description. The description is intended for internal documentation purposes.

  3. Once the pipeline has been named and described, you'll be directed to the Pipeline editor, where you can manage the stages within the pipeline.

Customizing Stages in the Pipeline

Customizing stages within a pipeline allows for a more personalized workflow. To do this:

  1. Open the desired pipeline, click the gear icon, and select Manage Pipeline.

  2. From the Manage Pipeline view, click Add Stage to create new steps within this specific pipeline.

  3. To rename an existing stage, click on it.

  4. Reorder stages by dragging and dropping them into the desired sequence. Please note that the first and last stages are fixed and cannot be moved.

  5. Once all modifications are complete, click on Apply Edits to save your changes.

Screenshot of customization user interface

Creating Leads in a Specific Pipeline

Leads can be created from within the pipeline, through a sequence Lead step, via a form, or through a segment. The Pipeline selection has been added to all these lead-creation capabilities. The Form Builder also introduced a setting to link to a specific pipeline. To view this setting, edit the form and access the Form Settings.

Availability and Access

The Custom Pipelines feature is available to all Pipeline users. However, the capability to manage pipelines is restricted to Managers. Agents do not have the permission to modify a pipeline.

Deletion of Stages

When a manager deletes a stage, they will be prompted to move the leads to another stage. If there are no leads in the Stage being deleted, no prompt will appear. Please note leads cannot be moved to the Closed Stage from this dialog - all leads must be closed manually.

Future Developments

The current release of Custom Pipelines does not include Pipeline Journeys or Published Pipelines. These features are planned for future releases.

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