One of the optional configurations available to you is the ability to create an 'Email Blacklist'. 

Why use an Email Blacklist?

If you have data in your agency management system that identifies who does not want marketing or has opted out of email marketing, you need to synchronize that data so you do not bother your customers. Plus, it's the law.

How to set it up

First navigate to your List Setup page and then click on Optional Configuration. You can find the List Setup page by clicking on the menu from the Accounts page.

Once you click on the Email Black List, the system will ask you to create a segment to filter out eh emails that you do not want to send communications to.

Click on 'Create Opt Out Segment'

Next click on 'ADD RULE'  - which will create a pop up window allowing you to choose the field from which you want to pull the opt out information.

For this example, in the 'Customer Type' field we are pulling all clients that have the words 'do not market' in the field.  Once the rule is added and saved, the system will show how many matches the created segments contains.

The email 'Black List' is different from the 'Exclude Customers' option as the Blacklist option will still include those client's premium and policy data in your Dashboard.  For the 'Exclude Customers' option, that data will never enter our system and their information and premium will not be included in the dashboard.

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