So you want to send a message to your clients...

The first question you need to ask yourself is:
Is this a one time email to all your clients - for example a Holiday Hours message or a one time Account Rounding (x-sell) Campaign.

If the answer is 'yes!'  - then you will want to send a Blast Message via the Accounts tab.  Check out this article for step by step instructions.

If the answer is 'No' - you want to run something with multiple steps, or a drip campaign or something that triggers based off a renewal date or someone filling out a form - then you will want to set up a campaign in the campaign tab.

Let's get started

  • Click on the Campaigns tab at the top of your page

Here you can quickly grab something from our Campaign Library which includes templates and pre-written campaigns, or you can create something from scratch.

For the sake of this article - we are going to create something from scratch.

  • Click on the Create New Campaign button
  • Go ahead and give it a name. You'll want to start with a Blank Campaign
  • Now that you're in the Campaign you can add Sequences and Forms. 
  • Let's go ahead and start with a Sequence

Determining the type of Sequence

There are a few types of sequence to choose from. Not to make things confusing, but to give you more power! Let's figure out which one you'll need.

  • Sequence of Steps: Everyone receives all messages in sequence
  • Date Field Sequence: Messages are sent before or after an account's date field. (Perfect for renewal reminders.)
  • Specific Date Sequence: Messages are sent before or after a specific date. (And possibly in a specific year or repeating each year.)

We'll have more details about the three types and how they work in another article in the future.

Moving on...

Determining your Audience

A key to any Sequence is determining who gets the messages and when. The tool that structures this is the Audience Builder.

Choosing who to target

The first thing you need to do is determine the group of people you are targeting. To do this, select the pencil icon under the first section (What group of people should we start from?) From there you can focus your Audience. Learn more about building Segments here.

Choosing when audience members are added/removed from the sequence

Next up - you'll need to determine when you want people added to the audience. There are three main options to choose from.

  • At Launch: All group members are added at launch
  • Ongoing: All group members are added at launch, and new members are added when the match your group.
  • In The Future: Audience members are added when they match specific Triggers.

Now that you've chosen your Audience and Segment we're going to 'fast forward' and assume that you have created the content, modified the wait times in between steps, and decided who the email comes and goes to. (To: and From:) If you need more information on how to edit emails please see our Email Editing Tutorial.

Launching your Campaign

When you're all done editing your Audience, your Segments and your messages - all that's left is launching the campaign. Go back to the Campaign view and hit Launch.

Launching makes sure all your changes are live.

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