What Fields Are Exported in the CSV File?
When I export my segment, what fields will Fuse export into the CSV?
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Here is the list of fields that will be exported from Fuse in CSV file format:

  • Foreign ID

  • Company Name  

  • First Name  

  • Last Name  

  • Name  

  • Address City  

  • Address State  

  • Address Zip Code  

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • Email  

  • Email Health Reason  

  • Email Health Status  

  • Email Permission Reason  

  • Email Permission Status  

  • Cell Phone  

  • Home Phone  

  • Office Phone  

  • Account Rep Email  

  • Producer Email  

  • Total Premium  

  • Total Future Premium  

  • Active Client Types  

  • Active Policy Types  

  • Client Types

  • Customer Since

  • Foreign Number

  • Latest NPS Score

  • Latest NPS Feedback

  • Department

  • Location Name

For more instructions on how to export a segment from Fuse, click the button below.

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