One of the most powerful features in Fuse is segmentation. Segments allow you to target your messages to exactly the right people. The possibilities are endless.

To make things easy - we have two ways of creating segment rules. 

  1. Madlibs allow you to fill-in-the-blanks on useful rules that should cover 80% of what you need.
  2. Advanced allows you to create rules that cover any data field we receive from your AMS. The possibilities are endless. 

The power of advanced segments can be overwhelming. Save yourself time and start by exploring the Madlib Segments! First, navigate to the segments by clicking on the Accounts tab in the left navigation bar. On the Accounts page, you can click "+ Add Segment" to see the segments!:

What Madlib Segments Are Available?

Here is a list of the available segments:

  • Account by Status or Client Type: Target accounts by Status or Client Type. Options include:

Account Status Options

Client Type Options

  • Any
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Prospect
  • Lost
  • Any
  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Life
  • Health
  • Benefits
  • Financial
  • Accounts or Policies with specific Employee: This segment focuses only on active accounts or policies that are either produced (Producer) or maintained (CSR) by a specific Employee or Employees. This will always filter to Active Accounts or Active Policies. Specific options include: Employees on Accounts or Policies, CSRs or Producers, or Any number of Employees
  • Accounts with Birthdays: This segment simply targets all Active Accounts that have birthday data. Keep in mind, the amount of birthday data depends largely on how you use your AMS. Search the Help Center for information on your specific AMS.
  • Accounts with Branch: This segment targets all accounts, active and inactive, who belong to a specific branch. Combine this with other segments to focus your marketing. Note: The only option is to choose the Branch. In some AMS's this may be similar to the "Agency" field.
  • Accounts with Specific Age: This segment targets accounts who are at least a specific age. Note: This will search for accounts, not child contacts.
  • Accounts with Specific Email Status: This segment lets you target based on email status. This could be useful to see who's opted out, whose email is invalid, and who has an email that you can send to. Options include:

Account Status Options

Email Status Options

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Prospect
  • Lost
  • I can email
  • I can't email (opted out and invalid emails)
  • with invalid emails
  • who opted-out
  • Accounts with Upcoming Renewals: Quickly target accounts that have policies renewing soon. With this Segment, you can:
  • Filter by Carrier
  • Filter by days until Renewal
  • Filter by Policy Type
  • Cross Sell Opportunities: Find policies that have specific policy types but not others. It's useful here to select the types of policies that may be similar, for example, you may choose Home, Homeowners, Renters, Condo for the first selection and Auto for the second.
  • New Clients: Quickly target new clients and control how many days to look back.
  • Specific Policies: Target policies by the carrier and/or policy type.

Can I Combine Madlibs Segments With Additional Criteria?

Yes! Just click the advanced button and select another available field. If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.

What if I Cannot Find the Field I Need to Sort by With Madlibs?

Click here to learn more about advanced rules to add to your segment.

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