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Active Policy List Component
Active Policy List Component

Use this component in your emails to include a list of active insurance policies you have with a client

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What is the Active Policy List Component?

This component makes it easy to merge in the entire list of policies that are considered Active in Fuse. This can be an effective tool in your renewal communication. It is important to disclaim that this data and its accuracy depends on consistently syncing with your Agency Management System and correctly mapping data that is not understood when it comes to the system.

What does the component look like?

For all policies in Fuse that are marked as Active, we'll list the following properties.

  • Carrier Name

  • Policy Number (on Desktop version of Email)

  • Policy Types including the category (Commercial, Personal)

  • Expiration Date

How do I add it to an email?

  1. First, open the email builder and select the Policies component from the list of Components.

  2. The component will load on the page!

What if the account I email doesn't have any active policies? 

To prevent the case where you are emailing people with this component but they don't have any active policies - please use a rule in your Segment to filter to those with Active Policies. You could do this with an Active Clients rule or filter on Account > Active Policy # is great than 0.

Worst-case scenario, we also give you a fallback text property. This value will be rendered in case there are no policies for that contact.

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