Email Builder Themes

Themes provide a great way to control the look of your email

Email builder themes are an easy way to change the look and feel of your emails. Watch our video walkthrough below to learn more!

What are some of the available themes?

All of the themes allow you to customize most of the colors. There are some exceptions as each theme is a bit different. 

Do the themes look consistent across all email clients?

For the most part - yes. However, there will always be exceptions across devices. For example, Google's mail products do not support custom fonts at this time. Microsoft's mail products do not support gradient backgrounds. In both cases we gracefully fallback to other backgrounds and fonts. So while you will never have complete control across all devices - the themes will look great across all even if not perfect.

What about mobile devices?

All of our themes are mobile responsive out of the box. There's nothing you will need to do.

Where can I use them?

The themes are available anywhere you can create or edit an email in Fuse.

How can I set a default theme for all my emails?

On the left side of the Email Builder, click on the Theme tab. If you want to make this theme the default for all of your emails, just click "Apply Theme to All Emails":

This will:

  • Change all existing emails to use the theme and colors you are using.

  • All future emails will have this design (colors and themes.)

If you changed the colors and want to reset to the default, click "Reset Colors," this will:

  • Reset this email's colors to the default.

  • This will not apply the colors to other emails.

How can I customize the colors?

We have another article on changing the colors. Each theme gives you different color control. Generally speaking, all colors can be changed. If they cannot, there is probably a good reason it is not possible (and probably won't be.) Click here to learn how to customize your email theme colors.