How Fuse Chooses a Primary Contact for HawkSoft Accounts

An overview of the logic Fuse uses to select a "Primary Contact" from your Hawksoft data.

Note: This article applies to Fuse's most current (V2) integration, which runs automatically by enabling Fuse in the HawkSoft marketplace. If you're looking for information about our legacy (V1) integration which runs from a desktop application on your computer, please click here.

How Fuse Chooses a Primary Contact

For every customer synced from HawkSoft, Fuse will automatically select a "Primary Contact". The Primary Contact will be the first "Personal Profile" found in the HawkSoft data that matches one of the conditions below, in this order of priority:

  1. The first Personal Profile that is checked as a "Main Contact" AND has an attached email address.

  2. The first Personal Profile that has an attached email address, even if they are not checked as a "Main Contact".

  3. The first Personal Profile that is checked as a "Main Contact", even if they have no email address.

If more than one Personal Profile has the same conditions, Fuse will simply choose the matching one that is highest on the list in the Hawksoft data.

Why Does Fuse Use This Logic?

The intention behind this logic is to find the best possible "Primary" person for use in automated email marketing. Put simply, Fuse's logic prefers a profile with an email address since email communication is such a pivotal part of your Fuse campaigns, and beyond that it prefers a "Main Contact" if possible. We rely on you to help Fuse identify the best choice by setting up your Personal Profiles in HawkSoft in a manner that works with that logic.

How Can I Make Sure Fuse Picks the Primary I Want?

The easiest way to make sure Fuse picks the right Primary Contact every time is to make sure the Personal Profile you want to be the Primary:

A Quick Note Regarding Terminology

For the sake of clarity:

  • "Personal Profiles" from HawkSoft become "Contacts" in Fuse, with one of them specifically becoming the "Primary Contact".

  • "Contact Info" from HawkSoft will end up simply named in Fuse as whatever kind of contact info it is (e.g. - Email, CellPhone, HomePhone, etc.)