EZLynx Integration Troubleshooting
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I can’t access reports in EZLynx

Please get in touch with your EZLynx administrator. You will need to be granted permission to access the Reports section of EZLynx.

I can’t send my report(s) by email

Some email systems restrict the size of the file you can send as an attachment. If you’re trying to manually send an EZLynx report via email and your email system won’t allow it (especially if it tells you the attachment is too large), you may have too much data in the report. (For more about this, see “Too Much Data” below.)

However, different email systems have different attachment size limits, so if you encounter this problem when attempting to send a report with five years of data, please get in touch with our support team for assistance (if you are still in the onboarding process, contact your Fuse Implementation Specialist). We may be able to help you get your reports into Fuse for the baseline sync or adjust the report filters for a smaller file size if you’ve already completed a baseline sync in the past.

My scheduled report(s) failed to run from EZLynx

Note: If a scheduled report fails to run, you can manually export/send the report as a temporary fix until the problem with the scheduled report is resolved.

This problem has three potential causes with three different solutions:

Too Much Data

Reports will fail to run on the automatic schedule if they contain too much data. EZLynx is capable of automatically emailing scheduled reports under 12MB. If any of your scheduled reports produces a file over that size, it will fail to run. The file size problem is most likely to occur with the Applicant Master or Policy Master reports since they contain the most data.

The following approximate numbers should keep your files under the EZLynx limit:

  • Applicant Report Limit: About 21,000 Contacts (“Insureds” and “Co-Applicants”)

  • Policy Report Limit: About 20,000 Policies

Self-Correcting Glitch

If you’re sure that your report size is under the known limit, but it has failed, there is a chance that it may correct itself. Sometimes a report fails for unknown reasons one day but will run successfully on the following day. However, if it fails multiple times in a row or if random failures have become a frequent occurrence, see below.

All Other Failures

If you’re sure that your report size is under the known limit, but it has failed more than once without self-correcting, you may be able to resolve the problem by deleting it from the list of scheduled reports and recreating the scheduled run.

If you’ve already tried that and the report is still failing, please contact EZLynx support for further assistance.

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