How to Remove a Contact From a Campaign

How to manually remove someone from a campaign

There are two ways to remove someone from a campaign: either by starting from their account page or while viewing the campaign you want to remove them from.

1. From the Account Page:

Go to the Accounts tab, search for the account you want to be removed from a campaign, and click it. 

While viewing the client's account, simply click the "Campaigns" tab located on the top menu and unsubscribe them from any campaign by clicking on the following icon:

2. From the Campaign:

If you are already working inside of a campaign, you can open up the subscriber list by clicking the "View Audience" button:

From there, you will see a list of subscribers and you can simply click on the unsubscribe icon to unsubscribe a client from the campaign.

Note: this will only remove clients from specific campaigns and not unsubscribe a client from all future communications from the system. To learn more about unsubscribing a client from ALL future messages, click here!