Before You Begin

Note, you will need to have admin access to make changes to other user accounts in Fuse. If not, please contact an admin for help with these changes. Fuse support is also available to assist with this process (Chat bubble on the top-right of your screen).

Accessing User Management

First, navigate to the gear icon located in the top right corner of your dashboard and click "All Settings":

All Settings

In the settings menu located on the left side of your screen, navigate to "Users":

Add a New User

From the "Users" page, click the "+" person icon on the right:

You will then be prompted to add the Name and Email of the user you would like to add. Make sure to toggle the "Allow this user to login" on and click "Add":

The user will then receive an email to confirm their registration.

Restrict Login Access

Want to send emails on behalf of an employee but not allow them to log in to Fuse? When creating the user, just make sure that "Allow this user to login" is toggled off.

If the user has already been created, simply disable the user and they won't be able to log in (see instructions below for disabling users.)

Disable or Delete a User

Select an existing user from the list, and click "Option." You can then select either "Disable User" (remove login access) or "Delete User" (remove from list):

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