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How to Send a Disaster Preparedness Email Broadcast
How to Send a Disaster Preparedness Email Broadcast

Learn how to send a Disaster Preparedness email broadcast

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Do you have a natural disaster in your area and need to send out a one-off email broadcast to your clients? In this article, we will cover how to send a Disaster Preparedness email broadcast. Watch the video walkthrough below or scroll down for instructions on how to send this broadcast!

Need to set up the Disaster Preparedness Campaign instead?

Click the button below to learn how to set up the campaign.

Choose Your Audience

To select your audience, first, we are going to start from the Accounts tab. Click on "Accounts" in your left navigation bar:

Here, you can select who you want to send the email broadcast to. For this example, we will select "Active Accounts" segment:

On the Active Account segment page, hover over the "Send" button located on the bottom right corner, and click "Send one email":

Create Your Email

You can select either "Start from Scratch" or "Browse Message Library." Don't worry, if you change your mind at any point you can easily select to use the "Message Library" (this button is located on the top of your screen.)

For this example, we will select "Browse Message Library":

On the menu located on the left side of the screen select "Disasters" to pull up the pre-written emails in this category:

Browse through the messages, and click on the email message you would like to use. Click "Use Template" to continue:

The email message is then pulled up in the Email Builder where you can make any edits you would like.

Preview and Test Your Email

Once you're happy with your email message, you can select the "Preview & Test" button to preview your email.

Here, you will see a rendering of how your email will appear.

  • Test Your Email Links: If your email has any links in it, you can verify the link is working by right-clicking on the link and opening it in another window.

  • Send a Test Email: If you want to send yourself a Test Email, you can click the "Send Test" button and enter the email address you would like to send the test email to.

Click "Done" to return to the Email Builder.

Confirm Your Audience

Once you are ready to send your email, it is time to confirm your audience. Click "Choose Audience" in the upper right corner:

You will see here that the audience you selected on the Accounts page has already been applied to your email. Confirm that your audience is correct and click "Next":

Choose a Send Date

Now that your email is composed and the audience is set, it is time to send your email broadcast!

On this page you will have the following options:

  1. "Save for Later": Your email will be saved in the 'Draft' area.

  2. "Message Title": The message title you enter here is not the subject line of your email, but rather a broad description that only your company will see in Fuse.

  3. “Schedule To Send Later”: You can schedule a future date that you would like the email to send on. Your email will then appear in the "Scheduled" items in your Broadcast menu.

  4. “Send It Now”: The email will immediately send to your audience.

  5. “Save and Close”: Your email will be saved in the 'Draft' area.

Great job! Your email broadcast is all set! Once you leave this page, you can navigate back here by going to Marketing>>Broadcasts in your left navigation bar.

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