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How Fuse Helps Prevent Spam
How Fuse Helps Prevent Spam
Written by Rachel Newton
Updated over a week ago

How does Fuse help prevent spam? Check out our list below. To learn more about how we analyze your emails for spam and deliverability, click here.

  • Bulk Emails are "dripped" out.

    • We send in small chunks over a period of time rather than sent all at once to avoid overloading recipients' email servers and looking like an obvious spammer.

  • All emails are sent from a small group of IP addresses we own.

    • All of our users send from this same set of IP Addresses. This helps to spread the balance of responsibility so that the occasional one-time misstep by a user (accidentally sending to the wrong segment or sending something too spammy-sounding) accounts for such a small percentage of our overall sending volume that it has a smaller (usually insignificant) impact on the overall sending reputation of our sending servers. We've also carefully built up these IP addresses to have an excellent reputation as a safe sender over a long period of time, so every user benefits from our experience.

  • We continually monitor and maintain the reputation of our sending IPs.

    • If for any reason, anything ever causes one of our sending IPs to be bounced or blocked by any mail system (which is very rare), we take steps right away to rectify and reverse that situation. For example, if something causes a specific domain to blacklist an email from Fuse, we contact them and get removed from the blacklist.

  • We create amazing content that doesn't look like spam!

    • There are a LOT of factors that can cause a spam blocker to block your emails. Our content templates and email theme coding are carefully crafted to avoid the most common pitfalls. Just a few examples:

  • Our templates never use text colors that are too close to the background colors.

    • Spam blockers assume you're trying to hide text for nefarious reasons.

  • Our subject lines follow all best practices.

    • We never use all-caps, avoid/reduce the use of exclamation marks, and avoid known trigger words and phrases, etc.

  • Our email body content follows best practices.

    • This includes avoiding trigger words and phrases, ensuring the text-to-image ratio meets a certain threshold, and more.

  • We don't allow attachments.

    • Spam blockers are notoriously suspicious of attachments.

  • We allow users to verify their domains.

    • Fuse can spoof them "with official permission," which helps to bypass even more spam filters.

  • Our segmenting tool helps to ensure that each email is only being sent to the people to which it applies.

    • Instead of blasting an entire database of email addresses, each message is relevant to its recipients, meaning they're less likely to manually mark it as junk or report it as spam, which helps maintain a better sending reputation over the long term.

  • Our trigger point events add another layer of customized targeting.

    • This helps make each message's timing even more relevant to recipients.

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