Page Overview - All Settings

All Settings Page Overview

The All Settings Page is where the Agency Revolution System will allow you to set company information, set your time zone, manage your users, and set up billing for your postcards, and look up your system integration.

My Profile

This area allows you to set your individual profile information.  Simply fill out the fields and save.

Company Information

Enter your main agency name, main phone number, website, and "Save" your changes. You can return back here at any time to make changes.

Time Zone

Once chosen, the system will reschedule all communications to the appropriate time zone selected. Simply click on the down arrow on the right side of the time zone box. Please keep changes to a minimum as any change does require the system to reschedule any messages already in cue and waiting to go out.


This area allows you to add new users to your system. Simply click on the add person icon and add their user name and email.  

There is no limit to the number of users you can have. You should keep your employee maps (in the setup screen) up-to-date so your Account Rep and Producer information is mapped to these users. For example, if you have an Account Rep aor Producer leave, make sure to adjust their user settings in the employee mapping area (under list set up) as well as here.

For security purposes, it is your responsibility to remove users who are no longer with your company. Keep in mind that when you change user details, it will often require the data to remap and that can take several hours.

Need more information on managing users? Click here.


This area allows you to set up your email redirects if you so choose to. Simply click on the yellow "Not validated" button for full instructions.

System Integration

This area will show your integration with your agency management system and allow you to modify your setup information, such as policy mapping, data file uploads, and employee mapping.


The billing screen allows you to set up your automatic postcard credit billing, see your postcard credits, and give you a view of recent invoices and transaction logs:

Need more information on setting up your postcard billing? Click here.

If you get stuck, remember to click on the 'In-App' chat icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Our support team would be happy to assist!