How Fuse Chooses a Primary Contact - for HawkSoft V1 (legacy) integration

Note: This information applies to Fuse's legacy (V1) HawkSoft integration, which runs from an application installed on your computer. Support for V1 integration will be ending soon. If you're looking for information related to Fuse's newer V2 HawkSoft integration, which runs automatically by enabling Fuse in the HawkSoft marketplace, please click here.

How Fuse Chooses the Primary Contact

With every customer record from Hawksoft, Fuse selects a Primary Contact by attempting to find a Personal Profile that matches one of the criteria below.

If a Personal Profile matches the first criteria, they are chosen as the Primary Contact. If no Personal Profile matches the first criteria, Fuse looks for a Profile matching the second criteria, and so-on until a match is found:

  1. A Personal Profile whose manually-selected "Relationship" value is Insured AND who has an attached email address.

  2. A Personal Profile whose Name matches the "Named Insured" value on the Customer Detail screen AND who has an attached email address.

  3. A Personal Profile whose manually-selected "Relationship value is Insured AND who does not have an attached email address.

  4. A Personal Profile whose Name matches the "Named Insured" value on the Customer Detail screen, AND who does not have an attached email address.

If more than one match is found for any of the criteria above, Fuse simply chooses the matching one that is highest on the list in the Hawksoft data.

Why Does Fuse Use This Logic?

The intention behind this logic is to find the best possible "Primary" person for use in automated email marketing. Put simply, we rely on you to identify the "Primary" person in Hawksoft. You can specify this by giving them the "Insured" relationship value in Hawksoft. Or, in the absence of the "Insured" relationship selection, Fuse will assume that Hawksoft's "1st Insured" person should be treated as the Primary. Please Note, "1st Insured" is assigned automatically in Hawksoft, and is different from the "Insured" relationship, which you can set manually. In addition, since Fuse is primarily an email-based communication platform, it gives preference to whichever one of these 2 options has an email address. If neither one does, then Fuse will use one of them that doesn't.

How Can I Make Sure Fuse Picks the Primary I Want?

The easiest way to make sure Fuse picks the right Primary Contact every time is to make sure the Personal Profile you want to be the Primary:

  • Has a manually-selected "Relationship" value of Insured

  • Is linked to a Contact Info entry that is an email address

To learn more about linking Personal Profiles to Contact Info in Hawksoft, please see:

Connecting "Personal Profiles" to "Contact Info" in Hawksoft

Can Fuse Fallback to Import a Secondary Person's Email Instead?

Fuse does not currently fallback to using the email of a secondary person in cases where a customer's "Insured" and/or "1st Insured" Profiles in Hawksoft do not have an email. In many cases, email addresses attached to secondary contacts in Hawksoft are not intended for regular, ongoing communications, as they may be connected with a secondary person who is listed on the policy, or related to the policy-holder, but is not the payer or decision-maker on the account. Therefore, we only send emails to secondary (AKA non-primary) person if you specifically choose to do so in your email "Send To" settings.

A Quick Note Regarding Terminology

In Hawksoft, you can create "Personal Profiles" and can look them up by going to "Contacts." You can also create "Contact Info" such as emails and phone numbers, which can be linked to the individual "Personal Profiles." On the back-end, the data Hawksoft sends to Fuse labels Personal Profiles as "Family Members," and "Contact Info" as "Contacts." And, of course, what we end up within Fuse are simply "Contacts," with one being the "Primary Contact."

As you can see, the overlaps and changes in terminology are enough to make your head spin. So, to help avoid confusion in this article, we refer simply to "Personal Profiles" or "People," and their "Contact Info" because this is how they are identified in Hawksoft. We also refer to the "Primary Contact," which is what you'll end up within Fuse.