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How does Fuse choose an Account Rep & Producer for accounts synced from EZLynx?

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How Fuse chooses the Account Rep & Producer for accounts synced from EZLynx

In the "Employee Mapping" step of your Fuse list setup, Fuse will display every "Assigned Agent" value found in your EZLynx data. All you need to do is select which of your Fuse Users should be assigned to Accounts based on the Assigned Agent from EZLynx.

The Fuse Users you choose in that setup step will appear in all of the following roles for your applicants:

  • Account > Account Rep

  • Account > Producer

  • Policy > Account Rep

  • Policy > Producer

Why does Fuse use the same EZLynx field (Assigned Agent) as the source for all 4 Fuse roles?

At the customer level in EZLynx, all Accounts have an "Assigned Agent" field. EZLynx does not currently have separate fields for Account Reps (CSRs) and Producers (Agents). Therefore, Fuse populates both the Account Rep and Producer based on EZLynx's "Assigned Agent."

At the policy level, EZLynx does not currently have a way to assign a Rep or Producer differently from the customer-level "Assigned Agent." Therefore, Fuse also populates the policy-level Account Rep and Producer based on the same customer-level "Assigned Agent."

Understanding the EZLynx "Assigned Agent" values

You may already know that the format of naming your agents in EZLynx is flexible. They are not required to be a person's name; if they are a person, they're not required to contain both first and last names. Also, you can select more than one Assigned Agent per Applicant.

However, EZLynx exports the "Assigned Agent" as a single value, regardless of the number assigned. So, depending on how you've entered the names of your Agents in EZLynx, and how many you've assigned to a single customer account, you may see a variety of interesting "Assigned Agent" values in the employee mapping step. This is just something to be aware of.

For example:

  • If a First and Last name are both entered in EZLynx, and that is the only Assigned Agent on an Account, EZLynx exports it using the format: "LastName, FirstName."

  • If there are two agents assigned to one account, and both are entered with First and Last Names, then EZLynx changes the names to "FirstName LastName" format, with a comma between the two agents, so the Assigned Agent value looks something like this: "FirstName1 LastName1, FirstName2 LastName2"

  • If there are two agents assigned to one account, and both are entered with only first names, then EZLynx exports the Assigned Agent as a single value in this format: "FirstName1, FirstName2"

This can lead to some unexpected "Assigned Agent" values that you'll still need to map into Fuse. For example:

  • If the name "Amazing Ins Services Inc" is entered as an Assigned Agent and it is the only Agent Assigned on an Applicant: EZLynx will export that applicant's Assigned Agent as "Services Inc, Amazing Ins."

  • If two agents are entered in EZLynx with only their first names: "David" and "Jennifer" (2 separate agents, with no last names), and an Applicant has both of them listed as Assigned Agents, EZLynx will export the Applicant's Assigned Agent as: "David, Jennifer" (which looks like it could be the first and last name of an individual named "Jennifer David" but is actually two first names).

This is just something to be aware of to make the best decision about which Assigned Agent values should map to which users in Fuse.

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