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EZLynx Update: Adding the Policy Transaction Master Report
EZLynx Update: Adding the Policy Transaction Master Report

For EZLynx users who have already set up integration: Why & How to add the newly-supported Policy Transaction Report to your integration.

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Important Update for Current EZLynx Users!

Great news: we've released an improvement that allows Fuse to detect certain Trigger Points (Events) for your customers with even greater accuracy than before. Specifically, this update should eliminate the chance of any mistaken "Lost Policy", "Lost Customer", "New Policy" or "New Customer" events from occurring when a customer renews a policy.

What You Need to Do

Just set up one new report in EZLynx and schedule it to run daily along with your other reports. That's it! Fuse will take care of the rest.

When you're ready, simply follow the instructions below...

Policy Transaction Master Report Setup

  1. Set up the Policy Transaction Master report with the following filter selections:

    1. For “Date Select”, use “Policy Last Modified Date” and set the dates to a range covering the past five years.

    2. Set all other filters to “Select All.”
      (TIP: Click this image to enlarge it)

  2. Save the report in EZLynx by clicking the save icon. When saving, add “Fuse” to the report name so you can easily find it in the future, and set the Date Range to “Rolling 12 Months”.

  3. Under EZLynx’s “Saved Reports” section, locate the report, click the 3-dot menu in its upper-right corner, and click “Schedule.”

  4. In the “Schedule Report” popup window, enter:

    1. Scheduled Report Name: Copy the Saved Report Name

    2. Recipient Email: Paste in the special integration email address provided to you in your Fuse account (How to find this email address)

    3. Report Format: CSV

    4. Frequency: Daily

    5. Run On: Today’s date, at a time of day shortly after your regular daily business hours.

  5. Click “Schedule”

Congratulations, you're done!

At your next scheduled sync time, Fuse will receive and incorporate the new data from this report, and you can rest assured that your important campaigns will continue to trigger the right communications to the right people at the right time!

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