EZLynx Referral Thank You Campaign

How to set up an automated thank you campaign for customers who give you referrals!

In this article, we'll cover:

First, to automate a "Referral Thank You" campaign, you must have EZLynx set up to send Fuse the optional "Activity Detail" report with your daily integration. If you don't already have this set up, please go your list setup page in Fuse, click "Configure EZLynx Integration" and follow the instructions on Step 6. If you aren't sure or need some assistance, please contact us for support!

How to Enter Referrals in EZLynx

Automating a "Referral Thank You" campaign in Fuse starts with ensuring that referral activities are entered a particular way in EZLynx. All of the requirements listed below must be met.


  • Both the Referee (the person referred to you) and the Referrer (the person who referred them) must have an Applicant record in EZLynx.

  • An Activity must be entered under the Referee's Applicant record. The Activity itself:

    • Must include a Note that begins with the words: Referred by: X, where X is replaced by the Referrer's Applicant ID

    • Must include the label: Referred by (you may need to custom-create this activity label if you don't already have it in EZLynx.)


  1. Open the Applicant record for the referrer (the person who referred someone to you). In the address bar of your web browser, highlight and copy the Applicant ID of the referrer as shown here (this ID number can be seen in the address bar no matter what tab you're on for the Applicant):

  2. Open the Applicant record of the referee (the person referred to you) and go to their "Activity" section. While viewing the "Notes" tab, click the + icon to create a new Note Activity.

  3. In the new note:

    1. In the area highlighted in the screenshot below, enter Referred by: X but replace "X" with the Referrer's Applicant ID (which you copied in Step 1).

    2. Add the Label: Referred by

    3. Click Save

Configure a campaign to be triggered by Referrals

When you enter a Referral Note into EZLynx as described above, Fuse can automatically trigger a "Thank You" campaign to the Referrer!

How to set up the campaign

  1. Create a new Campaign.

  2. In the Campaign, create a new Sequence.

  3. For the Sequence Type, use Sequence of Steps.

  4. For "When are people added...?," choose In The Future, then click Add/Edit Triggers.

  5. For the Add When trigger, select the Referral Thank You Trigger Point.

    (Note: A "Remove When" Trigger is not needed)

  6. Now, add your desired steps to the sequence, and you're ready to launch!

What a "Referral Thank You" campaign can do

There are many ways to thank a customer who gives you a referral. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use an Email Step to send an immediate thank-you email.

  2. Use a Postcard Step to send a physical thank you note.

  3. Use an internal Email Step to notify their Account Rep or Producer, so they can call and thank the referrer personally.

  4. Use a Zapier step to trigger a gift card to the Referrer through a 3rd party gift card service. For more about this option:

    1. See our help article about Connecting to Zapier.

    2. Visit Apps that work with Zapier to discover apps you can use to trigger gifts or gift cards (we recommend searching terms like "card" or "gift" to find a variety of useful apps for this purpose).